The Collectors’ Shop

How do we even begin to describe or categorize this shop?

  • Specialist Shop
    • – with a unique inventory you simply will not find anywhere else in Ireland
  • Culture & Heritage Shop
    • – with a comprehensive range of Irish collectibles and objet d’art
  • Vintage Shop
    • – with a range of GENUINE military uniforms, badges and buttons for sale
  • Antiquarian & Collectibles Emporium
    • – a delight for the collector or browser looking for a bit of Irish je ne sais quoi

The Collectors’ Shop is the last shop of its type left in Ireland – a virtual Aladdin’s Cave of Irish collectibles, Irish crafts from a bygone era and Irish memorabilia, stacked from floor to ceiling with boxes and display cabinets of goodies.  People from all over the world fly in to Dublin to buy (and sell) Irish collectibles.  They range from serious collectors that ‘show’ their items at specialist exhibitions, to people just looking for a bargain or something that happens to catch their eye.  In addition to Irish collectibles, we also stock the following:-


  • Irish stamps (mint, used and FDC)
  • Irish postal history & GB stamps “used in Ireland”
  • British & British Empire/Commonwealth stamps and postal history
  • European & Former European Colonies (stamps, FDCs and postal history)
  • Foreign stamps, FDCs and postal history


  • Specialist Ireland – sorted by county and theme
  • GB, European and Foreign postcards

Cigarette Cards & Trade Cards

  • Specialist Ireland
  • British cigarette cards & trade cards
  • Foreign Issues


  • Campaign Medals (specialising in Irish Forces + Irish Regiments of the British Army)
  • Military Uniforms
  • Cap Badges
  • Buttons

Sports Memorabilia

  • Soccer medals, books and match day programmes
  • Rugby medals, books and match day programmes
  • GAA medals, books and match day programmes
  • Horseracing members badges and racecards

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8 thoughts on “About

    • I always have a good supply of airmail items, ranging from first flights to email rate letters and aerograms.
      Unfortunately, my shop is closed at the moment due to a break-in and subsequent inventory check.
      Talk to you soon, Tony
      Best regards

  1. A Chara, I have my Granddad, Gay Byrne’s comrade medal 1918-22 plus his military pension service cert.- 1943. He was in 6th Batt. Dublin Brigade and saw active service (I have clippings). He was Dev’s driver for a while during struggle against Free State treason. I also have his internment order – 1923 – under emergency powers.(he was in the Curragh)
    I would like to put his contribution on the record – he was the greatest influence on my life. My paternal Granddad, Maurice Tobin, a Dun Laoghaire fishmonger, was a Stater and big buddy with Piaras Beaslai.
    I am also in process of insuring household and would like to know if medal has any monetary value. We are all from Dun Laoghaire and Monkstown, although I live among the English here in Norwich.and thus need to contact this way.
    If there is a phone number at all – I will use it.
    All the best,
    Peter Tobin

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