Irish Stamps: Europa / Old Toys (2015)

On the 14th of May 2015, An Post issued two stamps to celebrate this year’s Europa theme – Old Toys.

On the 14th of May 2015, An Post issued two stamps to celebrate this year’s Europa theme – Old Toys.

EUROPA stamps are unique stamps issued by European postal administrations, including An Post. Each stamp bears the official EUROPA logo, a PostEurop registered trademark under the aegis of PostEurop in which Europe is the central theme.

The idea behind EUROPA stamps is to underline cooperation in postal administrations within Europe while promoting philately throughout the region and many EUROPA stamps share a common theme and/or design across the issues of the European postal administrations that issue them.

  • Since the first European issues in 1956, EUROPA stamps have been a symbol of Europe’s desire for closer integration and cooperation.
  • Ireland’s first EUROPA stamps were issued in 1960
  • Many ‘thematic’ collectors collect EUROPA stamps as a specialist topic

In 1993, PostEurop became responsible for issuing EUROPA stamps. The stamps are also designed to help build awareness of the common roots, culture and history of Europe and its common goals.

  • EUROPA stamp issues are among the most collected and most popular stamps in the world.
  • Last year, in 2014, the theme was “Musical Instruments”
  • Next year, in 2016, it will be “Ecology in Europe – Think Green”.

The 2015 Europa theme is “Old Toys”. There are two stamps being issued in the multination Europa series reflecting the 2015 theme of old toys. Each country will issue its own interpretation of the theme and in

  • Denmark, for example, the stamps feature Lego Toys showing the popular construction toy – a major export from that country.

The two stamps from An Post were designed by leading Dublin design firm Design Factory and are based on paintings by Comhghall Casey. Originally from Omagh, Co Tyrone, Casey’s work focuses on creating meticulous and sparse still life studies as well as portraiture and life painting.

  • The 68c stamp features a toy truck
  • The €1 stamp features a teddy bear.

Product code: 1508100

Technical Details:
Date of Issue: May 14, 2015
Values & Quantities: 68c (136k) €1 (116k)
Design: Design Factory
Stamp Size: 29.8mm x 40.6mm
Colour: Multicolour with phosphor tagging
Paper: TR PVA Gum 102 gsm
Make-up: Sheetlets of 10
Perforations: 14.1 x 14.3
Printing Process: Lithography
Printer: Cartor Security Printing

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