Irish stamps and postal history from The Collectors’ Shop, Blackrock

Many people do not realise that Ireland jointly issued the world’s first postage stamp with Great Britain in May, 1840.  Technically and commercially, the Irish Post Office was a separate entity the The Post Office of Great Britain.
As part of the United Kingdon of Great Britain & Ireland, the famous Penny Black stamp was issued in Ireland as well as the rest of the kingdom.
Great Britain Used in Ireland is a category of collecting stamps that were used in Ireland.
Before issue of numbered and name cancels, some postmarks had distinctly Irish variations. e.g. Irish variations of the famous Maltese cross postmarks.
Later on, every postal town/village in Ireland had its own, unique name and number – Dublin was designated 186.
In time, more post offices were established and some disappeared (and had their numbers taken by other postal towns)
Railway and shipping companies were quick to get in on this – and issued their own unique frankings.  The cancels illustrated below belong to the Holyhead & Kingstown Steam Packet which sailed between Holyhead and Dun Laoghaire.  There was a post oiffice and sorting office on board and they had a special cancel for each of their boats – the Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connacht.
Image   Image   Image   Image
During the 1916 Easter Rising all of the equipment in the GPO was destroyed.  Letters and postcards still had to be delivered and the stamps used on them had to be cancelled.  While new franking equipment was being made, the postal authority used an emergency cancel (a barred oval, with Dublin in the centre) – a cancel usually only used on parcels.  When used on low value stamps on an envelope or postcard, this cancel is worth much more than when used on a parcel.
Until the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922 this was the only way to collect Irish stamps and there are still uses that come after 1922 during the Transition Period before new Irish stamps were issued though there are some oddities that allow you to collect Great Britain Used in Ireland for a short time after 1922.
The Collectors’ Shop organises its stock by county and by postmark type
  • Antrim to Wicklow, plus Dublin (County / City Centre / South County)
  • Aviation cancels (incl. first flights), Railway (RSO, TPOs and railway stamps), Shipping (H&K Packet, paquebot, etc.)
  • Postage due handstamps, prepaid handstamps, bishop marks, mermaids, etc.
We also have boxes of incoming mail to Ireland from abroad – airmail rates, etc.
and a huge range of Irish slogan cancels

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